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NBC's Dracula S01E04 - From Darkness to Light

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I am loving NBC‘s jump into the vampire world with Dracula. I look forward to every episode and here we have this weeks upcoming episode Sneak Peek video. Episode 4 of Grayson/Dracula (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) has Dracula’s cover blown and The Order discover his true identity, or so the sneak peek video hints at as Lady Jayne saying “he will be a formidable opponent”. Who knows; the official plot details say that Dracula/Grayson is trying to seduce Lade Jayne in this episode, maybe that plan goes bad real fast. Dracula becomes closer to walking in the daylight but issues arise. I can not wait to watch this episode November 15, 2013.

“Dracula” Episode 1.04 - “From Darkness to Light” (airs 11/15/13)

Grayson ruthlessly sets out to compromise Lady Jayne by winning her heart. Lucy’s enthusiastic plans for Mina and Harker’s engagement party conceal a broken heart.

Grayson’s unexpected reunion with a very old friend proves a growing complication to his and Van Helsing’s mission of vengeance. Van Helsing achieves a breakthrough in his efforts to enable Grayson to conquer sunlight, only to suffer an unanticipated setback.

NBC's Dracula S01E04 - From Darkness to Light

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