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Hold Your Breath (2012)

Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M17S

Katrina Bowden (Dale & Tucker vs Evil) will star in Hold Your Breath and this film has a cool story. There is an old wives’ tale that you should hold your breath when passing a cemetery. The reason being that an evil spirit that has been rejected by both heaven and hell may enter your body when you inhale. In a carload of college kids, one kid makes the mistake and inhales thus opening the way for an evil spirit of a recently deceased serial killer to enter their body. The evil entity begins a killing spree and then starts body jumping.

Director: Jared Cohn
Writers: Geoff Meed, Kenny Zinn (story)
Stars: Katrina Bowden, Erin Marie Hogan and Gerald Webb

Hold Your Breath (2012)

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