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Area 51 Confidential (2012)

Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M38S

Area 51 Confidential combines the found footage horror film approach with sci-fi. This is shown mainly through military surveillance footage.

Written and directed by Brandon Slagle (Argo, 2012: Ice Age), who stars alongside Adrian Quihis (1000 Ways to Die), Devanny Pinn (Nude Nuns With Big Guns), Wolfgang Meyer (Disciples, Cut), Angie Johnson (Fantasy Factory), Tawny Amber Young and Matthew Landon.

From the Press Release

The “found footage” subgenre of film has previously been thrust into the spotlight by such films as Paranormal Activity, Quarantine, Cloverfield, and perhaps most famously by The Blair Witch Project. Now, the genre is stepping into the realm of science fiction with the feature film Area 51 Confidential.

Presented under the guise of a “military training video for new hires at the facility known as Area 51”, we follow the plight of a handful of individuals - a broadcast journalist, a documentarian, a teenage girl from Roswell, an army Colonel, and a man who had previously been thought “missing” for a number of years - as they awaken in the desert area surrounding Area 51. With no knowledge of how they arrived there, they must sort out their differences and find a way out - before strange lurking creatures find them first.

Area 51 Confidential hits you with twists and turns, and character development not normally seen in this subgenre. The official United States DVD and Video on Demand street dates will be announced in the coming weeks, as well as international release dates being handled by Phoenix Group Releasing.

Area 51 Confidential (2012)

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