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Zombie Massacre (2012) - Teaser Trailer
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Windigo (2011)

Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M35S

In June of 2004, a group of film students and actors from Toronto camp out on the property of one of this town’s only residents. With uncooperative actors, technical problems, and of course swarms of mosquitos, the project they went there to film quickly goes downhill. Brandon, the camera man, starts noticing strange things on the tapes, and people start acting weird. Could the people of Bonville have something to hide?

In this found-footage horror movie from the indie studio Vince Emerson Media, you’ll get 94 minutes of horror, suspense, humour, and action. After the feature film, watch the half-hour “making-of” featurette and a selection of extended scenes.

Based on the Internet urban legend of the “Slender Man”.

Windigo (2011)

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