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All time recorded serial killers with complete profiles with murders/victims.

H. H. Holmes aka Herman Webster Mudgett aka Dr. Henry Howard Holmes - Serial Killer
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Alias: Dr. Henry Howard Holmes

Birth Name: Herman Webster Mudgett

Born Herman Webster Mudgett, Dr. H. H. Holmes/Dr. Henry Howard Holmes started his criminal career as a medical student by stealing corpses from the University of Michigan. Dr. Holmes used these corpses to collect insurance money from policies taken out under fake names. After moving to Chicago, Holmes started a drugstore empire from which he made a fortune. He built a hundred-room mansion on an entire city block complete with gas chambers, trap doors, acid vats, lime pits, fake walls and secret entrances. During the World's Fair in 1893, he rented rooms to visitors, mostly young women. He then killed most of his lodgers and continued his life insurance fraud scheme. Holmes would entice rich women to his "torture castle"…

Harold Frederick
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AKA(s): Dr. Death, The Angel Of Death

Birth Name: Harold Frederick Shipman

His patients, especially older women - who lived alone and vulnerable. Worshiped their doctor, Harold "Fred" Shipman.Even when his contemporaries began dying in unusually high numbers, patients remained loyal to the murderous MDDuring spare time, he loved his victims to his doctor - to death. No filmmaker can plan a grislier scene. In the darkness of a black night of August, the incessant rains and driving winds was the perfect setting for an exhumation. But it was the psychological thriller - Manchester police were watching a real life drama. The experts were collecting mud-streaked coffin of wealthy Kathleen Grundy. Buried just 5 weeks earlier in the cemetery of Hyde, 81-year-old former mayor of Justice, in death, the key to solving…

Harvey Carignan

Harvey Carignan - Serial Killer
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Birth Name: Harvey Louis Carignan

Profile coming soon!

Henry Lee Lucas - Serial Killer
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AKA(s): The Confession Killer

Birth Name: Henry Lee Lucas

Born 1936 Died 2001 Henry Lee Lucas began his life in the same way as most serial killers begin. He was horribly abused as a child along with his fetish for bestiality and torturing animals in his teens. He even engaged in incest with his half brother. All these terrible acts committed only in his early teenage years to say the least. Henry claims that his first murder was at the age of fourteen where he kidnapped a seventeen year old girl from a bus stop. He says that he beat her heavily in the head then dragged her into a secluded area where he continued with his urges to rape her. The girl began to scream and fight him…