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Albert DeSalvo was one of six children born to Frank and Charlotte DeSalvo. DeSalvo senior was a vicious alcoholic who regularly thrashed Frank and the other children. He treated his wife with appalling cruelty, beating her senseless in front of their children on a regular basis. He Knocked out several teeth and once broke her fingers one by one. Frank senior also brought home prostitutes and had sex with them in front of his wife and children; Young Albert soon copied his father and had his first sexual experiences-with other children-when he was just six-years-old. He was often taken on shop-lifting sprees by his father, and later progressed to breaking and entering on his own.

Unlike many psychopathic serial killers, the Boston Strangler was married and had children that he truly adored. Desalvo seemed unaware what he had said, when during his confessions, he told police how he raped and killed one of his victims during the afternoon but managed to get home in time to play with the children before it was their bedtime.

The killings started on June 14, 1962, when Mrs. Anna Slesers, a 55-year-old divorced seamstress, was discovered by her son lying nude on the floor outside her bathroom. Her housecoat was spread open, and she had been strangled with its cord. About two weeks later, 85-year-old Mary Mullen was found dead. However, her death was not at first attributed to the Strangler. Sixteen days after the initial murder, two female victims were discovered in nearby Brighton and Lynn townships. Mrs. Nina Nichols, a retired therapist aged 68, and Miss Helen Blake, a registered nurse age 65, were both found dead, strangled with nylon stockings. Eleven days later and another women was found dead apparently strangled by hand.

The killer’s last victim was his most outrageous. On January 4, 1964, he broke into the apartment where 19-year-old Mary Sullivan lived with two room-mates. He raped her at knife-point, strangled her with his hands, and proceeded to decorate her body for the police, she had been prompt up, her lower extremities exposed, broom handle inserted in her vagina, a silk scarf put around her neck tied in a huge bow, and a "Happy New Year" card placed between her toes.

When DeSalvo was arrested for rape, he was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital. DeSalvo began to boast to other inmates. One inmate took him seriously and informed Desalvo’s lawyer, F Lee Bailey. To test DeSalvo’s veracity, Bailey obtained a list of confidential questions. Which only the killer would have known. When satisfied of DeSalvo’s guilt, Bailey informed the police that his client was the Boston Strangler. Since the police had no concrete evidence, they were forced to agree to Bailey’s terms. The police could not use the confessions against Desalvo. They gave up the right to prosecute him for the murders in exchange for the certainty that the Boston Strangler was off the streets.

DeSalvo offered as his sole motive an absolutely consuming sexual appetite. He had sex with his wife about five times a day and sought outside relations to supplement these urges. Police and psychiatrists just couldn’t except that DeSalvo was the real Boston Strangler. He didn’t fit their profile. Nevertheless, DeSalvo’s confessions held up, despite being heavily scrutinized.

Albert DeSalvo was sentenced to life for rape, although he never stood trial for any of the murders, he is thought to have committed at least 13 murders on women, age ranging from 19 to 85 years old.

DeSalvo was stabbed to death in Walpole State Prison on 26 November 1973, allegedly over a drug deal.

Albert Henry DeSalvo Aka. The Boston Strangler

Famous Killers: Albert Henry DeSalvo Aka. The Boston Strangler

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