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Zombie Cult Massacre

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Zombie Cult Massacre (2004)

I must admit, I really enjoyed watching this movie. The story is about a couple who are traveling on the…

Zombie Hunter Rika

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Zombie Hunter Rika (2008)

When typical Japanese high school student Rika skips school to visit her grandfather, she fails to take into account the…

Dead Sea

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Dead Sea

This book would make an awesome movie! Throwing zombie whales,sharks, and other sea life in the book was sooo cool…

Zombie Doomsday

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Zombie Doomsday (2011)

This live action, improvisational style movie was filmed in just 12 hours and is sure to delight Zombie fans around…


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Re-Animator (1985)

Hubert West studies include reviving the dead human brain and creates a re-animator fluid in which he injects into his…

Dead Alive

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Dead Alive (1992)

Peter Jackson directed Dead Alive long before he started the great Lord of the Rings franchise and his current project The Hobbit. Imagine what Jackson could…

Halloween II

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Halloween II (2009)

Halloween 2, Rob Zombie's H2 (Halloween) picks up at the exact moment that 2007's box-office smash, Halloween stopped and follows…

28 Days Later

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28 Days Later (2002)

Before 28 Weeks Later there was 28 Days Later. 28 Days Later is directed by Danny Boyle, 28 Days Later…