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Big Bad Wolf

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Big Bad Wolf (2006)

A wild college party in a remote cabin goes horribly wrong when Derek Cowley and his friends find themselves terrorized…


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Set in the 8th century in Romania when it was still known as Dacia, Moonwarriors tells the tale of a…


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Underworld (2003)

In Underworld, Kate Beckinsale stars as Selene, a high-ranking member of an elite vampire warrior class working to obliterate the…


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Wolf (1994)

After a car accident with a wolf that bites Will Randal, his life begins to change. Has it changed his…

Monster Manor: Wolf Man Stu Bites Back - Book #4 (Monster Manor)

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Monster Manor: Wolf Man Stu Bites Back - Book #4 (Monster Manor)

It seems like Wolf Man Stu is always getting blamed for something! When sheep in the neighboring town start disappearing,…

legend of the wolf woman

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legend of the wolf woman (2009)

(1976) Annik Borel, Howard Ross, Dagmar Lassander. A beautiful babe has dreams of becoming a werewolf. Soon after, she begins…

Wolf Kill

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Wolf Kill

This book is written well, but the story doesn't make any sense. Not to *!SPOIL*! anyone's enjoyment of the book,…

Wolf Man

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Wolf Man (1941)

"Even a man who is pure in heart/And says his prayers by night/May become a wolf/When the wolfbane blooms/And the…