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Skinwalker Ranch

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Skinwalker Ranch (2013)

Skinwalker Ranch is based on some events that were believed to happen on the actual property of Skinwalker Ranch. It…

Perfect Creature

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Perfect Creature (2007)

An action-packed battle against man and beast! Half-man, Half-vampire, Pure Evil! Perfect Creature is set in a world where humans…

Dominion (Von Carstein Trilogy Book 2)

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Dominion (Von Carstein Trilogy Book 2)

This second novel explores the horrific world of the immortal Vampire Counts. The immortal Vampire Counts have ravaged the Old…

Young Hannah - Queen of the Vampires

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Young Hannah - Queen of the Vampires (1973)

This is the uncut, widescreen version of this Euro-horror classic, aka: CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Welcome to Vampire Island,…

Blood Ties

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Blood Ties (2002)

Like another reviewer said, let's face facts, a lot of vampire films are either dull, weird, or downright dumb. Dull…

The Lost Boys

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The Lost Boys (1987)

The Lost Boys is one of the greatest vampire movies ever made. Michael is caught up with Star who is…

Blood Angels

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Blood Angels (2005)

These young sexy half-vampire women cant fly or make humans into vampires but they can still suck blood move super…

Live Evil

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Live Evil (2010)

Vampires are having trouble surviving in a world whose life giving blood supply has become polluted by drugs and STDs.…