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Children of the Corn

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Children of the Corn (1984)

Bad Stephen King adaptation, 80's style. Children of the Corn is a lame 80's horror film. One of the many…

Haunting of Winchester House

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Haunting of Winchester House (2009)

The Winchester mansion has fueled centuries of legends, and one family is about to realize just how true they can…

Little Monsters

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Little Monsters (1989)

Leap into a fantastically monstrous world where hijinks become high art, curfews and chores vanish from sight, and a wacky,…

Dark Skies

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Dark Skies (2013)

Contains Spoilers Dark Skies is another amazing horror movie for 2013. Director Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest, What We Talk About…


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Matinee (2010)

Matinee offers one of the best matches of director and screenplay that you're ever likely to find. Raised on a…

Dracula 3 - Legacy

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Dracula 3 - Legacy (2005)

Dracula 3 - Legacy, more horror-filled terror in the modern DRACULA series presented by Wes Craven, DRACULA III: LEGACY adds…


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Kemper (2008)

An ordinary man leading a routine life no one is more surprised by the fact that ed kemper is responsible…

Rose Red

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Rose Red (2002)

Rose Red (2002) is an American-Canadian movie that was written by Stephen King - the movie is not an adaptation…