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Weird Horror Tales

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Weird Horror Tales

In the tradition of pulp horror master, H.P. Lovecraft come these thirteen tales of mind gripping terror and suspense. Visit…


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Misery (1998)

Based on the chilling bestseller by Stephen King, Misery was brought to the screen by director Rob Reiner as one…

Dead Zone: The Final Season

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Dead Zone: The Final Season (2008)

Prepare to experience all new spellbinding suspense and paranormal adventures as Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall) faces the greatest challenges…


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Grabbers (2012)

I really enjoy the work Director Jon Wright (Our Robot Overlords, Tormented, The Routine) with 2012 Irish British movie, Grabbers.…


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Stoker (2013)

Stoker was on my must watch list after seeing the creepy horror trailer. The trailer compelled me to see the…

The Returned

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The Returned (2013)

I would recommend this horror suspense thriller movie. Director Manuel Carballo (Exorcismus, Seiken, El último justo) did an excellent job with…


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Devil (2010)

Devil is a great movie written by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) which takes place in Philadelphia. Five…


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Nadja (2005)

Twin brother and sister vampires struggle against each other and the ancient curse that binds them in this stylish erotic…