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The Bad Seed

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The Bad Seed

What happens to ordinary families into whose midst a child serial killer is born? This is the question at the…

Devil Within

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Devil Within (2010)

This is a teen thriller that has everything you expect from a good teen thriller. i loved the relationship between…

Modern Ghost Stories By Noted Women Writers

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Modern Ghost Stories By Noted Women Writers

Fiction, Horror, Women Authors, Ghost s, Suspense, Thriller

The Skeleton Key

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The Skeleton Key (2005)

Kate Hudson stars in The Skeleton Key - a supernatural thriller that weaves a tale of terror and suspense! When…


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Shrieker (2003)

I wasn't really into this movie so much. I was expecting horror and I thought this was more of a…

Dead Calm

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Dead Calm (1999)

A suspense thriller about a husband and wife, recovering from a personal tragedy, who encounter a stranger while cruising their…


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Gattaca (1997)

In gattaca only the strong succeed and the strong are genetically pre-selected at birth. But when one man dares to…

Fever In The Blood

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Fever In The Blood

What a thriller! This book follows Eddie, a young man who was traumatized by an uncaring mother and abusive father,…