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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

This remake of the 1974 original fails to live up to the original in every aspect. There are only three…

Miner's Massacre

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Miner's Massacre (2003)

Okay. Let's be honest. I love watching the horror movies sci-fi occasionally shows on weekends. One summer weekend, I ran…

Luther the Geek

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Luther the Geek (2005)

A young country boy is plunged into the depths of homicidal madness after witnessing the strange exploits of a carnival…

Down the Road: On the Last Day

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Down the Road: On the Last Day

The walking dead. A global crisis. The remnants of America. Around the globe, the dead are rising to devour the…

Long Island Cannibal Massacre

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Long Island Cannibal Massacre (2004)

A brutal series of murders has Long Island police baffled, and it's up to tough-as-nails Inspector Cameron to solve a…

The Sacrament

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The Sacrament (2013)

Director and writer Ti West (The Innkeepers, Dead and Lonely, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever) could have done a way…

The Phoenix Gene

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The Phoenix Gene

A genetically engineered gene designed to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease is accidentally released on a small town in Texas. The gene…

The X-Files - Fight the Future

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The X-Files - Fight the Future (1998)

Thirty-seven thousand years ago, a deadly secret was buried in a cave in Texas. Now the secret has been unleashed.…