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A Clockwork Orange

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A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Stanley Kubrick's striking visual interpretation of Anthony Burgess's famous novel is a masterpiece. Malcolm McDowell delivers a clever, tongue-in-cheek performance…


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DinoCroc (2004)

Imagine all the fury of a prehistoric carnivore combined with the ferocity of the largest crocodile known to man and…

Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon

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Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon (2013)

I am not sure if I should blame director Eric Styles (Tempo, Miss Conception, Relative Values) or writer Andy Briggs…

Brain Dead

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Brain Dead (2005)

"A brilliant puzzle-film with a chillingly good story that offers the same kind of pleasure as THE SIXTH SENSE, which…

Organizm - Living Hell

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Organizm - Living Hell (2008)

Mysterious scars on his body lead Frank Sears' (Jonathan Schaech, The Doom Generation) to the terrifying truth behind a top…

The Lawnmower Man

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The Lawnmower Man (1992)

The Lawnmower Man (1992) is an American action science fiction horror movie from the early 1990’s. Director Brett Leonard (Virtuosity…


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Dreamscape (2000)

The President of the United States is about to be assassinated in a dream where there is no morning after.…

Frank's Field Trip (Monsterkids, No 2)

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Frank's Field Trip (Monsterkids, No 2)

Frank N. Stein is desperate because his class is at the museum, about to lose the science competition, and everyone…