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Ghost Team One

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Ghost Team One (2013)

Director Ben Peyser (You've Reached Richarde & Gribbeen, Brainstorm - TV Series and Scott Rutherford (Actor in Good Satan, Love…


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Aftershock (2012)

Aftershock is based on a true story of the 8.8 earthquake that happened in Chile in 2010. I love that…

Here Comes the Devil

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Here Comes the Devil (2012)

Here Comes the Devil (2012) was on my must see list after the scary movie trailer left me yearning for…

Dead End Drive In/Cut and Run

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Dead End Drive In/Cut and Run (2007)

Dead End Drive-In The near future, nuclear accidents, economic collapse and global riots have put the entire world in a…

Dark House

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Dark House (2014)

I was truly impressed by this movie. I received it for a review just like any other movie and did…

Lucky Bastard

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Lucky Bastard (2014)

Lucky Bastard (2014) is the first movie that Robert Nathan directed. He is mostly known for his work as a…


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Stoker (2013)

Stoker was on my must watch list after seeing the creepy horror trailer. The trailer compelled me to see the…

Kiss of the Damned

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Kiss of the Damned (2012)

Kiss of the Damned (2012) contains gore, strong sex scenes, nudity, violence, bad language, suspense and some jump scenes. I…