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Mummy's Kiss

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Mummy's Kiss (2003)

I simply loved this movie: I entitled it Erotic Natural Breast Feast; because from what I saw and could tell,…

The Erotic Mirror

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The Erotic Mirror (2002)

The basic plot of this Seduction Cinema lesbian fest is this. Amy (Laurie Wallace) buys a mirror at an antique…

Lexx - The Complete Third Series

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Lexx - The Complete Third Series (2003)

Lexx's third year had a predetermined 13 episode run, and in a new direction there's also a predetermined continual storyline.…


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Nightbeast (2004)

It's amazing how Troma manages to unearth some of America's most obscure and unrecognizable regional movie titles. This 1982 Sci-Fi…


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Fangs (2002)

I wasn't expecting much from "Fangs". I believe this is another Sci-Fi Channel original movie (if it's not, it sure…

Demon Board

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Demon Board (2008)

Demon Board is a retro grind-house film about a demonic talking board that grants wishes to unsuspecting users.Though it tends…

Lady Frankenstein

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Lady Frankenstein (2002)

Joseph Cotton was among the most interesting actors to emerge from Orson Well's Mercury Theatre ensemble, and after his appearance…


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Gasaraki (1998)

Gasaraki blends high-quality animation with interesting mecha designs and a convoluted plot that borrows heavily from Evangelion. In the not-too-distant…