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Masters of Horror - The Screwfly Solution

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Masters of Horror - The Screwfly Solution (2007)

It begins with a terrifying rash of isolated homicides. Around the world normal male sexual urges have suddenly transformed into…


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Mommy (1999)

I wasn't expecting much from this direct-to-video/shot-on-tape movie when I popped it into the dvd player. I was all set…


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The discovery of a wax replica of a vampire draws archaeologist David Kane into the bloodthirsty world of the undead,…


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Meteor (2009)

Get ready for heart-pounding action, incredible special effects and edge-of-your-seat suspense! When renowned scientist Dr. Lehman (Christopher Lloyd, Back to…

Monkey Shines

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Monkey Shines (1999)

My daughter loved this for Halloween. Be careful though- the size says 2-4, but it barely fit my 2-year-old who…

The Tattooist

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The Tattooist (2008)

A tattooist unwittingly unleashes a forcible deadly spirit through an ancient Samoan tattoo tool. Now marked for death he will…

Friday the 13th Part 4 (IV): The Final Chapter

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Friday the 13th Part 4 (IV): The Final Chapter (1984)

The Final Chapter was far from the final chapter, and this Friday the 13th weekend is turning out to be…

Netherbeast Incorporated

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Netherbeast Incorporated (2009)

Shaun of the Dead fans rejoice! Finally another brilliant horror comedy to win over your undead hearts. The Ronalds Brothers…