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Dracula 3 - Legacy

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Dracula 3 - Legacy (2005)

Dracula 3 - Legacy, more horror-filled terror in the modern DRACULA series presented by Wes Craven, DRACULA III: LEGACY adds…

Eyes of a Stranger

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Eyes of a Stranger (2007)

A reporter protects her disabled sister from a psychopathic killer. From the producers of "Friday the 13th" comes this terrifying…

The Hunger: The Complete First Season

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The Hunger: The Complete First Season (2009)

Indulge your obsessions... 22 tales of the forbidden and bizarre as seen on Showtime Terence Stamp hosts the first season…

Dracula II: Ascension

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Dracula II: Ascension (2003)

An ancient evil is once again unleashed in the 21st Century as fright master Wes Craven presents this terrifying and…

Jason and the Argonauts

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Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

Fantastic special effects by Ray Harryhausen and exciting mythological adventure make this a film that is fun for everyone. It…

Night Skies

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Night Skies (2007)

On March 13, 1997, several thousand people—including community leaders and law-enforcement officials—witnessed an unidentified flying object in Phoenix, Arizona. On…

Dracula 2: Ascension

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Dracula 2: Ascension (2003)

Dracula 2: Ascension is the sequel to Dracula 2000. Dracula 2 itself has several main characters. They include: a half…

Dolores Claiborne

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Dolores Claiborne

The inspiration for the film starring Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason Leigh.