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Fear of the Dark

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Fear of the Dark (2004)

Each night ryan lies awake watching as the evil in the darkness grows stronger. Big brother dale sees this as…


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Phantasm (1979)

While spying on his older brother at a friend's funeral, Mike (A. Michael Baldwin) notices strange things happening at Morningside…

Hangman's Curse

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Hangman's Curse (2003)

Within the shadowed corridors of Rogers High School, something terrible has been unleashed. As fear escalates, a family of investigators…

Goregoyles 2

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Goregoyles 2 (2007)

Uncle Vicious hosts two new horror tales. Follow a dangerous killer and fellow murderers attending a snuff party. Unbeknownst to…


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Haunting (1999)

An experiment in fear escalates into a heart-stopping nightmare for a professor and three subjects trapped in a haunted mansion…


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Arachnophobia (1990)

Hollywood Pictures and Amblin Entertainment deliver the year's most electrifying big-screen roller coaster ride of a movie! Everyone is afraid…

Horrors: An Earthdawn Sourcebook

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Horrors: An Earthdawn Sourcebook

This book is the first sourcebook for the Earthdawn game detailing the chief enemies of the players. Or, more accurately,…


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Fear (1996)

This movie is not really out right horror but it is scary in its own way. This is about a…