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Shards of a Broken Crown  (Serpentwar Saga | Book 4)

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Shards of a Broken Crown (Serpentwar Saga | Book 4)

The demon is no more.The enemy has been routed. But all is not well...Winter's icy grasp is loosening on the…

Demon Within

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Demon Within

It scared the HELL out of me. No stupid serial killers here. Just some pure EVIL!!!

Demon Haunt

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Demon Haunt (2009)

Legions of evil demons from the fiery depths of Hell haunt the newly-acquired home of a beautiful widow and her…

Demon Board

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Demon Board (2008)

Demon Board is a retro grind-house film about a demonic talking board that grants wishes to unsuspecting users.Though it tends…

Demon Lord Dante - Dante Rages (Vol. 2)

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Demon Lord Dante - Dante Rages (Vol. 2) (2004)

In this classic horror/fantasy anime, based on a manga by Go Nagai, the Demon Lord Dante has sat frozen for…

Demon Hunting

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Demon Hunting (2007)

A student at a prestigious private school is having visions about diabolical activities on campus.

This Is the End

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This Is the End (2013)

This Is the End is about a group of actors who play a fictional version of themselves. It was directed…

Demon Summer

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Demon Summer (2004)

Every small town has secrets. 20 years ago, the small town of Louisville was stunned by the gruesome death of…