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THE STORY BEHIND THE GRUESOME LEGEND....Twenty years ago....It shocked horror fans everywhere -- Jack Ketchum's OFF SEASON, the brutal and…

Love Bites

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Love Bites (2005)

Starring International cult icon Asia Argento! Asia starred in and directed Scarlet Diva, and co-starred with Vin Diesel in XXX.…

The Evil Dead

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The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead (1981) is directed by Sam Raimi as his first horror film and has become a cult classic since…

Alien vs Ninja

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Alien vs Ninja (2010)

Even though the title of the film may suggest a retread of Alien vs. Predator (AVP for the Anderson faithful),…

Judgment Day

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Judgment Day (1999)

An enormous asteroid is heading towards Earth and threatens to wipe out all life on the planet! Sound familiar? Since…

Battle Royale:

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Battle Royale: (2000)

With the Japanese currently leading the way in thought-provoking cinematic violence, it's only fitting that Kinji [**]asaku's Battle Royale is…


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Hanger (2009)

From Ryan Nicholson, the acclaimed writer-director of the cult hit Gutterballs, comes this gruesome horror tale in which revenge is…

Poltergeist - The Legacy - Season 1

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Poltergeist - The Legacy - Season 1 (2006)

From the producers of The Outer Limits comes this provocative science fiction series about an ancient order dedicated to battling…