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Demon Prince Enma, Vol. 2

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Demon Prince Enma, Vol. 2 (2007)

The latest anime from the genius manga artist Go Nagai! Hardcore Japanese horror arrives in the USA!Enma is the Demon…

Blood: The Last Vampire

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Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)

The deadliest assassin to stand the test of time. From a Producer of Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon comes…

Berserk (Vol. 1)

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Berserk (Vol. 1)

Created by Kenturo Miura, Berserk is manga mayhem to the extreme - violent, horrifying, and mercilessly funny - and the…

Demon Lord Dante - Dante Rages (Vol. 2)

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Demon Lord Dante - Dante Rages (Vol. 2) (2004)

In this classic horror/fantasy anime, based on a manga by Go Nagai, the Demon Lord Dante has sat frozen for…


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Gungrave (2003)

This is an anime that starts off real hot. The first episode is like a glimpse into the future of…

Katsuhiro Otomo Presents: Memories

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Katsuhiro Otomo Presents: Memories (1995)

The masters of anime join forces to create this stunning animated film featuring three separate stories: Magnetic Rose, Stink Bomb…

Witchblade - TV Anime

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Witchblade - TV Anime (2006)

Sought by the greed of Men since the dawn of Humankind, but only bestowed upon the woman whose fate it…

Heat Guy J

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Heat Guy J (2002)

Heat Guy is a great piece of Anime. Similar to Ghost in the Shells' endearing question, can machines generate emotion?…