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No Place Like Home

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No Place Like Home (2008)

After an alien crash lands on Earth, two teen siblings must work together to get him safely back home. Keeping…

The Grays

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The Grays

We are not alone. Millions of people are confronting aliens that authorities say do not exist. Whitley Strieber--author of the…

DeepStar Six

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DeepStar Six (2001)

Deep Star Six: VHS Movie Review Grade: C+ O.K., so in the age of DVD's, I buried this out of…

Fifth Element, The

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Fifth Element, The (1997)

The Fifth Element is one of my favorites with a great cast and story that draws you into this world.…

V - The Final Battle

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V - The Final Battle (2002)

Marc Singer, Robert Englund and Michael Ironside in the thrilling sequel miniseries about human resistance to alien invaders - from…

High Plains Invaders (Maneater)

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High Plains Invaders (Maneater) (2009)

The hanging of honorable Indian-fighter Sam Phoenix in a small western town is cut short by the unexpected invasion of…

Not of This Earth

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Not of This Earth (2003)

An anemic alien comes to Earth from a dying planet, in the remake of the Corman 50s classic. Format: Closed-captioned,…

Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer

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Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Catch a wave of "terrific adventure" and "non-stop action" (CBS-TV) in this fun and fantastically entertaining smash-hit! "Invisible Woman: Sue…