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Aeon: The Last Vampyre on Earth (2013)

Aeon: The Last Vampyre on Earth 2013
Our Score: 6/10
+48% Like of 21 votes

Jason Roth, Ryan Lieske, Sara Jean Anderson, Joseph McIntosh, April Basile - Aeon: The Last Vampyre on Earth (2013) is an American horror movie that is 75 minutes long. Director Daniel Falicki (Devils in the Darkness (2013), GR30k (2010), Falling Horse (2012)) did an awesome job…

The Banshee Chapter (2013)

The Banshee Chapter 2013
Our Score: 7/10
+60% Like of 20 votes

Ted Levine, Michael McMillian, David Midthunder, Kevin Wiggins, Jerome L. Williams - The Banshee Chapter is a low budget horror movie based on the book "From Beyond" and also from the 1986 movie, From Beyond. I was amazed that this is the first movie Blair Erickson directed and helped…

Escape From Tomorrow (2013)

Escape From Tomorrow 2013
Our Score: 6/10
+47% Like of 19 votes

Kimberly Ables Jindra, Alison Lees-Taylor, Justin Shilton, Roy Abramsohn, Lee Armstrong - Randy Moore is the writer and director of this psychological horror film. Escape From Tomorrow (2013) contains sex, nudity, twisted violence, gore, bad language, frightening, scary scenes and fantasy.…

Dark Touch (2013)

Dark Touch 2013
Our Score: 6/10
+72% Like of 18 votes

Art Parkinson, Mark Huberman, Richard Dormer, Missy Keating, Laoise Murphy - Dark Touch is about a little girl name Niamh/Neve (Missy Keating - The Sea) who kills every foster/adopted family she lives with. I am not sure if she kills intentionally or not. The movie doesn't really…

Mr. Jones (2013)

Mr. Jones 2013
Our Score: 5/10
+56% Like of 18 votes

Jon Foster, Faran Tahir, Mark Steger, Diane Neal, David Clennon - I would not recommend this movie to horror fans because it is not as good as I had expected it to be. It is a found footage film that is very creepy, but yet has no thrills. Director and writer Karl Mueller…

Scary Movie (Scary Movie 5) (2013)

Scary Movie (Scary Movie 5) 2013
Our Score: 3/10
+41% Like of 17 votes

Molly Shannon, Terry Crews, Katrina Bowden, Jerry O'Connell, J.P. Manoux - I so don’t like Scary Movie 5. I think it is so cheesy, boring, mediocre and the list goes on. Maybe it is not my type of movie but I could not even pay attention to the whole movie because it was…

Ghost Team One (2013)

Ghost Team One 2013
Our Score: 3/10
+56% Like of 16 votes

James Babson, Fernanda Romero, J.R. Villarreal, Tony Cavalero, Meghan Falcone - Director Ben Peyser (You've Reached Richarde & Gribbeen, Brainstorm - TV Series and Scott Rutherford (Actor in Good Satan, Love Analysis, The Bare Show) did a terrible job with Ghost Team One. Movie…

Skinwalker Ranch (2013)

Skinwalker Ranch 2013
Our Score: 4/10
+44% Like of 16 votes

Jon Gries, Kyle Davis, Michael Horse, David H. Stevens, Carol Call - Skinwalker Ranch is based on some events that were believed to happen on the actual property of Skinwalker Ranch. It is believed that many UFO sightings has happened at Skinwalker Ranch (Sherman Ranch)…

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