Rapture-Palooza (2013)

Rapture-Palooza 2013
Our Score: 3/10
+38% Like of 21 votes

Anna Kendrick, Andrew Fiscella, Craig Robinson, Thomas Lennon, Rob Corddry - Rapture-Palooza (2013) may very well be the worst movie of 2013. I recently saw this horror film on Netflix and thought what the heck, lets check it out. There are many great comedians making guest appearances…

Haunter (2013)

Haunter 2013
Our Score: 5/10
+86% Like of 21 votes

Stephen McHattie, Abigail Breslin, Peter Outerbridge, David Hewlett, Peter DaCunha - Haunter (2013) is a supernatural horror thriller movie that I will not see again although it was a good watch. It is one of those movies that you are interested in during the showing and then when it…

Aeon: The Last Vampyre on Earth (2013)

Aeon: The Last Vampyre on Earth 2013
Our Score: 6/10
+48% Like of 21 votes

Jason Roth, April Basile, Daniel Falicki, Chris Eddy, Ryan Lieske - Aeon: The Last Vampyre on Earth (2013) is an American horror movie that is 75 minutes long. Director Daniel Falicki (Devils in the Darkness (2013), GR30k (2010), Falling Horse (2012)) did an awesome job…

The Banshee Chapter (2013)

The Banshee Chapter 2013
Our Score: 7/10
+60% Like of 20 votes

Ted Levine, David Midthunder, Katia Winter, Kevin Wiggins, Michael McMillian - The Banshee Chapter is a low budget horror movie based on the book "From Beyond" and also from the 1986 movie, From Beyond. I was amazed that this is the first movie Blair Erickson directed and helped…

Wolf Creek 2 (2013)

Wolf Creek 2 2013
Our Score: 7/10
+60% Like of 20 votes

John Jarratt, Chloé Boreham, Irene Morgan, Ryan Clarke, Cassie Morgan - Wolf Creek 2 (2013) is an Australian horror movie, director and writer Greg Mclean (Rogue, ICQ, 6 Miranda Drive) did a better job executing Wolf Creek 2 than 2005 Wolf Creek. Greg failed at introducing…

Snowpiercer (2013)

Snowpiercer 2013
Our Score: 9/10
+70% Like of 20 votes

John Hurt, Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer, Jamie Bell, Ewen Bremner - Snowpiercer (2013) is an incredible movie to watch that will give you a few things about life to think about. I will definitely watch this movie again, and it is appropriate for teenagers and above. Snowpiercer…

The Sacrament (2013)

The Sacrament 2013
Our Score: 4/10
+68% Like of 19 votes

AJ Bowen, Graham Reznick, Millie Wannamaker, Joe Swanberg, Kate Lyn Sheil - Director and writer Ti West (The Innkeepers, Dead and Lonely, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever) could have done a way better job with this movie. He wrote it well but failed at executing the movie. The Sacrament…

Dark Touch (2013)

Dark Touch 2013
Our Score: 6/10
+72% Like of 18 votes

Art Parkinson, Mark Huberman, Richard Dormer, Susie Power, Catherine Walker - Dark Touch is about a little girl name Niamh/Neve (Missy Keating - The Sea) who kills every foster/adopted family she lives with. I am not sure if she kills intentionally or not. The movie doesn't really…

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