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Darke (Dark) September
Las Vegas, California, United States

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Summer's Romance
This funny, sweet not to mention sexy poem will get your blood boiling.
Everyone2011-03-30 16:52:10
The Way
A short poem that you must read. I command you to read.
Everyone2011-03-30 13:10:33
On The Run
My lungs burn! I'm constantly running. But from who.........?
Everyone2010-11-09 17:18:07
New Words
This time, I'm talk to you. Please read.
Everyone2010-08-19 21:04:50
Winged Heart
A short poem, read it.
Everyone2010-07-28 23:40:37
This might be a little long, but it's worth the read. Please give it a try.
Everyone2010-07-16 20:52:22
Not Human
We all feel this way, or we are this way.
Everyone2010-07-12 21:03:53
My Story Life
This is a life that no one wants. It's not mine, hopefully not yours.
Everyone2010-07-12 20:14:22
Boy, are my poems just random, but there good. I try to feel other peoples hurt, and understand there feelings. I understand a lot of you feel like this these days.
Everyone2010-07-09 10:24:52
Every Hurt
Have you ever felt pain? Or felt like your invisable? This might be you.
Everyone2010-07-09 00:10:55
This poem is made to make you open your eyes. So you can see the world better, and your self better.
Everyone2010-07-03 22:53:05
Look Both Ways
A funny little tell my mother told me when I was little. Please enjoy!
Everyone2010-07-03 00:18:34
It seems like time fails us. It just takes a life. It never cures us, so we must be running out of time.
Everyone2010-06-28 14:27:49
Who Are We
Ever thought of who you are. Never known who you are. Well, your not alone. We all have the same thought.
Everyone2010-06-28 13:31:13
Love Lives On
Love is always there.
Everyone2010-06-27 21:42:54
Love is Delicate
We all love those who we can't
Everyone2010-06-27 21:22:30