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Nightmares From the Crypt (2004) Horror Movie Review

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Horror movies Review

Nightmares From the Crypt (2004)

Just like the previous reviewer who grabbed this for $20.00, I bought mine at Media Play a few years ago, I feel it is well worth the price.  Yes, some of the dubs are pitiful (see “Circus Of Fear”), but as a compilation there is a great deal to choose from.  Some of the flicks are actually out-right classics in their own right (for whatever its worth).  I’ll give my own take on these movies.

1. “Moon of the Wolf” - starring The Fugitive’s David Janssen, it looks like something from an old-fashioned late-night movie program on TV I used to watch as a kid.  It’s so-so because it feels like TV.

2. “Sisters of Death” - this one is about an all-girl cult and the attempted retribution of a distraught father.  This one is has a little suspense & cheesy acting, but its alright.

3. “Dominique is Dead” - starring Cliff Robertson, alot of scene are very dark & murky.  I can barely make out what the hell is happening half the time.  It is quite spooky, but pretty lame.

4. “Messiah of Evil” - I love this film!  The tall cross-eyed curly-haired freak listening to Wagner & eating “the little creatures” from the beach for midnite munchies is worth the price of admission alone.  I wish I knew this actor’s name & if he is in anything else - swear to God, he is the creepiest looking freak I ever saw.  The leading lady is quite hot!  This is a great zombie movie with a ridiculous premise & a surprise ending. 

5. “Devil’s Nightmare” - skip past the corny vampire/cannibal/heavy metal nonsense & you have a totally classic erotica-horror film based on the 7 deadly sins.  Some of the erotic scene in the film are incredibly HOT!!The devil is this tall skinny freak who is perfect for this movie (where do they find these people?)  It is a good dub & I like the coloring which gives it a vintage Gothic look from late 60’s/early 70’s foreign horror. I love this one!

6. “Cathy’s Curse” - This has that made-for-TV vibe to it, except a little bloody.  Sort of boring and only watched it twice.

7. “Horror Hotel” - A classic b/w Christopher Lee film, and probably the oldest of the lot. It has that classic late-nite at the movies trip going on and is vintage Goth.  This movie gives witchcraft flicks a good name.  Could be a Turner Classic someday - who knows.

8. “God told Me To” - this one has semi-famous bad guy Richard Lynch in it as an alien who is the descendent of Jesus Christ, who was also an alien.  A wonderfully warped sacreligious premise with a surprise.  Andy Kaufmann also cameos in this one (policeman firing off shots because “God told me to”).  Very good and so mid 70’s.

9. “Deep Red” - this Argento movie is great and has an odd twist to it.  Very gory & well shot with plenty of Argento staples.  Makes this compilation even more valuable.

10. “Christmas Evil” - this flick is woefully funny, but sucks horribly.  I still watch it on rare occasions, because its so awful.  Watch out for angry villagers carrying torches!  Good dub, however.

11. “Don’t Look In The Basement” - This one I watch quite frequently.  I love the shoddy characterization of the actors.  The close up shots, the absurd facial expressions, dialogue that is beyond madness, and of course - the cheapness.  I love when the Judge gives the doctor the ax.  The characters in this movie are very entertaining in their own peculiar ways (i.e, the insane old woman is the actual “voice of reason” in this movie whose tongue is removed for knowing too much). Very funny!!  The leading lady is more than just HOT!!  I never get sick of this one!

12. “Satanic Rites of Dracula” - this has Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in it and it still couldn’t be saved.  Just boring & long-winded, unworthy of the Hammer collection.

13. “Web of the Spider” - Klaus Kinski gives a great wild performance of Poe reciting & re-enacting the classic “Berenice” for a group of British critics in the beginning, then disappears until the end.  I do like this one & watch it regularly, even though it can get slow-moving.  Another late-nite at the movies kind of vibe.  It looks older than it is (1970), but decent enough dubbing.

14. “Circus of Fear” - starring Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski. A very terrible dub with actual skips & hiccups in the editing (I think the master was damaged in the warehouse).  It has its moments, but both actors are poorly under used, giving listless perfomances.  So-so.

15. “House on the Edge of the Park” - starring David Hess from “Last House on the Left”.  Very sexy with some modern looking fashion-sense (bald but beautiful African-american partygoer).  The torture goes on & on!  Very mid to late 70’s and is quite good.  The redhead is ever so HOT!  The print is crystal clear.

16. “Jack the Ripper” - Klaus Kinski is back as Jack. I really dig this one even though it is a terrible dub with abysmal voice-overs.  Lots of neon-orange blood by the gallons and woefully gory.  This one makes frequent trips to the DVD player.  All of these attributes make this a foreign horror CLASSIC.  Italy, 1979.

17. “Die Sister Die” - Saw it twice & don’t remember much about it.  I guess you can say it sucks.  Probably made for TV for a Saturday afternoon in the mid 70’s (always the mid 70’s).

18. “Lady Frankenstein” - I love this movie and I consider it a classic.  You gotta love the bulb-headed monster terrorizing the village, I love the make-up job.  There is the perfrect blend of nudity in it as well, not too much - and very sexy!  Lady Frankenstein is quite ravishing when she seduces the village idiot for his perfect body (she is so HOT when she bites her hands during climax).  Anyway, it is a vintage Gothic horror flick and is very entertaining & ridiculus.  A CLASSIC!

19. “The Werewolf & The Vampire Woman” - I really liked this one as well and wish I could see an un-rated version of this movie (the one the previous reviewer saw at the drive-in).  The women are classically sexy in this movie.  The dubbing is rough but easily watchable.  This one gets a regular spin (usually with “Lady Frankenstein”).  Alot of great cheap shots & good ol’ Gothic scenery.  Very enjoyable & like it lots!

20. “Wolfman” - this werewolf movie has a decent premise but for some reason is forgettable.  It might’ve been the weak performances.  Only played it once, but maybe I’ll revisit it.

All in all, if you like cheap, obscure horror of a wide variety, this one you’ll definately enjoy.  For years this compilation has been one of my Saturday mid-morning to afternoon rituals with my special choice of tobacco, along with a couple of friends.  it has been alot of fun and well worth the $20.00.  Buy it & enjoy!!

About Nightmares From the Crypt (2004)

Title: Nightmares From the Crypt
Year: 2004
Starring: Nightmares from the Crypt
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Runtime: 127 minutes

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