Lucky (2004) Movie Review

Lucky (2004)

2004 | R | Horror, Fantasy, Comedy

User Score: 67/100


Ever have one of those lifetimes where nothing seems to go right? Failing cartoon writer, Millard Mudd...

I gave a three for great efforts… I fully believe there could have been much more to the plot, the acting, more action, more gore, more comedy… it’s very lacking. I personally love stupid, campy horror movies... i love dark humor… i even love most horror films which try to give an intelligent humor… this was none of those things and not "scary" or "creepy" enough to be a horror movie beyond those things. I believe I own over 400 horror/thriller/gore/b-horror movies… this one I purchased knowing it would be a great addition. 3 of my campy horror movie night pals watched this with me… they said I couldn’t give it away for free!!!! They all hated it as well. I’m going to see if it burns better than it plays…

On the other hand, if you liked this… you might also like "I.Zombie" which was also terrible.

About Lucky (2004)

Title: Lucky
Year: 2004
Starring: Dorien Davies, Michael Emanuel, David Reivers, Sydney, Piper Cochrane, Kevin L. Bright, Jillian Bach, David Margulis, Frances Kelly, Carrie Barton, Maureen Davis, Cheryl Francis Harrington, Dianne Cohn, Gina Francis, Virginia Stone, Julia Lewald, Romelia Bellah, Molly Beck Ferguson, Molly Shea, Alisa Chandler, Sue Rasmussen
Director: Steve Cuden
Score: 1.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.3/5 stars from 6 users. Votes: 6.
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Comedy
MPAA Rating: R

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