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Latin Horror 3 Pack (2006) Horror Movie Review

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Latin Horror 3 Pack (2006)

Three shocking tales of mystery, suspense, and terror.  3-pack includes: X, School Killer and El Nominado. One Cop. One Murder. No Memory. On a sweltering summer morning, homicide detective Javier awakens in a strange house. Suffering from a hangover, he cannot remember the night before; upon arriving at work, he’s assigned to a brutal murder case on the same street. All the clues point to Javier as a suspect, and with time running out he must clear his own name… unless he really is the killer. Suffering from a crumbling marriage, Javier embarks on a chilling search for the truth that leads him into a tormented relationship with the victim’s family and a tantalizing femme fatale with blackmail in mind. or something even worse. A white-knuckle entry in the recent wave of dazzling Spanish thrillers like Intacto and Open Your Eyes, this twist-filled shocker will keep you guessing until the hair-raising end! School Killer The halls are filled with the sound of screaming when a group of teenagers brings their video camera to an abandoned school, shut down over two decades earlier after an insane security guard went on a gory rampage. Ready for a night of fun and pranks, the teens instead confront a ghostly return to past events as the lunatic (played by horror legend Paul Naschy) returns to wreak gory punishment on the trespassers! A stylish and blood-drenched exercise in terror, this Spanish horror hit in the tradition of Scream and The Blair Witch Project> shocked audiences with its scenes of over-the-top carnage and mayhem, presented here uncut and uncensored! El Nominado In the brutal battle for ratings, how far will a reality show go? With a standout cast that includes Christian de la Fuente (Basic, Hidden Hills) and Rene Lavan (Christmas with the Kranks, Azucar Amarga), this hard-hitting, action-packed thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as contestants struggle to survive in the most extreme reality show ever. Dropped by helicopter into the snow-covered Andes Mountains, a group of 12 people live together in an underground bunker, every move of their lives captured on camera. Each week one of the contestants is voted off the show, but when one man refuses to leave and starts shooting people, the ratings skyrocket from meager to incredible. Cast your ballots for this twisted look at the reality show phenomenon.

About Latin Horror 3 Pack (2006)

Title: Latin Horror 3 Pack
Year: 2006
Starring: Latin Horror 3pak
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 127 minutes

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