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No Way Back (2005) Horror Movie Review

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No Way Back (2005)

No Way Back is a masterpiece of the intentionally straight-to-video genre, and Troma’s DVD release includes substantial extras that give great insight into the making of a low budget movie.  In his first starring role, Campbell Scott plays Fletcher, an earnest, young stockbroker off to Appalachia on a hunting trip with his street- and woods-smart childhood friend Joe.  Almost immediately, they run into trouble as they encounter some locals harassing a young woman.  After a brief attempt at chivalry that leads to a minor scuffle, Joe decides it is better to let the local affair stay local, but Fletcher will not let it go.  A fight and chase through the woods separates the two.  Fletcher is injured; he hobbles over to a small home in a desperate attempt to seek help.  He is surprised to find people living there, as he and Joe had passed it before and thought the house to be deserted.  Fletcher is nursed back to health by the woman he had tried to help in the woods.  The main plot of the film shifts to Fletcher’s acceptance by the local family and the love story that develops between Fletcher and the woman. 

  The making-of features and interviews are an essential part of this DVD.  There is the requisite Troma Lloyd Kaufman intro and shtick throughout the extras.  In the making-of pieces and interviews with Scott and the filmmakers, we learn that the film was always intended as straight-to-video and how the story and movie went through development.  The clips from the set and interviews following the film show a genuine excitement and passion of the crew and staff, and these pieces give a clear sense of how this small film has ended up standing out in its genre. —Brian Saltzman

About No Way Back (2005)

Title: No Way Back
Year: 2005
Starring: Campbell Scott, Virginia Lantry, Bernard White, John Durbin, Len Lesser
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: R (Restricted)
Runtime: 90 minutes
Director: Michael Borden

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