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Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) Horror Movie Review

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Legend of Boggy Creek (1972)

“Based on a true story” in the same sense that “Jaws” was.  This movie was popular in the ‘70s and I remember seeing it as a kid, freaing out about the monster attacking a cabin in the woods, and being terrified of rural areas for years afterward.

Looking at it now…wow…make sure you have plenty of alcohol or airplane glue to sniff otherwise it’s a bit tought to sit through the semi-dull fotoage of the admittedly beautiful bottomlands.  Attorcious folk music accompanies the movie, but it has its own charm I suppose.  The narator sounds less like a supposed denizen of Arkansas than Boris Karloff, instead sounding like a Fred Astaire impersonator.  The monster’s scenes are well done and not overly done.  It’s got just enou ghair of reality around it to be thrilling in a way.  Not unlike the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Still, the movie is entertaining and captures the time well.  Monsters in the swamps were all the rage in the ‘70s!  Though never explicitly claimed to be Bigfoot (the Boggy Creek critter only had 3 toes), later Bigfoot fans tried to make him one.  Just let Boggy be Boggy!  And buy this movie if you’re a fan of cheesy monster movies from the ‘70s or southern swamps…and who isn’t?!

About Legend of Boggy Creek (1972)

Title: Legend of Boggy Creek
Year: 1972
Starring: Vern Stierman, Chuck Pierce Jr., William Stumpp, Willie E. Smith, Lloyd Bowen
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: G (General Audience)
Runtime: 87 minutes
Director: Charles B. Pierce

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