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Night Call Nurses (2003) Horror Movie Review

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Night Call Nurses (2003)

This consummate entry into early 70’s exploitation movies transcends all such labels and stands as a lost treasure in truly original American cinema.

Taking place in a psychiatric ward of a hospital, it follows three beautiful night shift nurses as they get involved in civil rights, pharmaceuticals, experimental sex counseling for couples, a serial killer, crazy patients, skydiving, and their loving men (amongst other things).  It really is a scatter-brained amalgam of ideas and plots but blended smoothly by director Kaplan, providing ample humor and never taking itself seriuosly, but how could it really?  This picture is like a funky, rock’n'roll, blazing rebel burrito—a multi-genre flick, crossing from one into the other with a secure sense of ease and obvious fun outlook.

Sweeping camera shots that get cut off, only to be returned to later give it a uncommonly gorgeous aesthetic for such a low-budgeted flick and films of such a genre.

An explosive performance from Felton Perry is the undeniable stand-out effort but seeing Patty T. Byrne have an emotional breakdown in her car/weapon proves the high level of acting obtained in this.

Thinking about it just makes me want to watch it right now for the probably eighth time.  I could praise “Night Call Nurses” till the sun comes up but to avoid being long of tooth I’ll say if you’re reading this you’re probably a fan of obscure genre films and as a film nerd who watches way too many movies, I’m highly recommending you just give it a quick look over. 

As a side note: it’s only a 74 minute movie at that, so it’s not like your committing to “Lawrence of Arabia” or nothin’.

So godspeed, live long and prosper, may the force be with you and all that.

About Night Call Nurses (2003)

Title: Night Call Nurses
Year: 2003
Starring: Patty Byrne, Alana Stewart, Mittie Lawrence, Clint Kimbrough, Felton Perry
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: R (Restricted)
Runtime: 78 minutes
Director: Jonathan Kaplan

Night Call Nurses Cover Poster Art

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