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Nightmare (2005) Horror Movie Review

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Horror movies Review

Nightmare (2005)

A New nightmare from the director of ” Phone” Ahn Byung-ki! Hye-jin’s reunion with her child hood friends should have been a joyous occasion however when a secret is revealed it sends the shy Eun-ju plummeting to her death from a 30-story building. One by one Hye-jin’s friends are being hunted down and murdered by what is rumored to be the ghost of Eun-ju. Is this possible or is a more worldly force at work?

About Nightmare (2005)

Title: Nightmare
Year: 2005
Starring: Gyu-ri Kim, Ji-won Ha, Jeong-yun Choi, Ji-tae Yu, Jun-Sang Yu
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 97 minutes
Director: Byeong-ki Ahn

Nightmare Cover Poster Art

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