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Daughter of Darkness (2001) Horror Movie Review

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Daughter of Darkness (2001)

I feel like I should give this more stars, because I sincerely liked this movie, but my critical side says, “NO.”

This is the only DVD of the movie you can get, and despite the rating of Category III, it has VERY obviously been censored at several points. Two examples that readily come to mind are when she’s stabbing her brother and when her father covers her with icing.

They don’t even try to hide the fact that it’s censored, it’s just, “First stab, cut to her looking up, blood-spattered, and moving on to the next kill.”

I think that’s what bothered me the most, the fact that the film was built up to the final murder scene, and they toned down the shock factor.

Also, the film grain and coloring changes every now and then, obviously taken from seperate reels. More of an annoyance than anything, really.

Otherwise, the movie is great. Some of the characters may seem a bit extreme, but have you SEEN some mothers yell at their daughters?!? The parts where she calls her daughter a “demon” for no real reason is what hit me the most, as I know more than one asian girl whose mother has called her that.

The subtitles are HORRIBLY translated, so be warned about that. (“Fong, how’s up?”)

It’s actually a dark comedy more than anything else for the majority of the movie, when you’re following around the immensely perverted yet dutiful investigator of the case and his loyal assistant.

The movie begins as a tragedy when the confession begins, and even then it cuts back to the investigator a couple of times for a quick laugh. Wholly inappropriate after a rape scene, if you ask me.

In general, worth a watch if you’re a fan of revenge movies or asian cinema. No others need apply.

About Daughter of Darkness (2001)

Title: Daughter of Darkness
Year: 2001
Starring: Hugo Ng, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Lily Chung, Ka-Kui Ho, Money Lo
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 95 minutes
Director: Kai Ming Lai

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