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The Erotic Mirror (2002) Horror Movie Review

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The Erotic Mirror (2002)

The basic plot of this Seduction Cinema lesbian fest is this. Amy (Laurie Wallace) buys a mirror at an antique store. When she stands in front of the mirror she gets really horny. She shows the mirror to other women and they get horny too. It’s sufficient to string together a bunch of softcore female [**] and lesbian scenes.

There are five sex scenes in the movie: Laurie solo. Laurie with her doctor friend (A.J. Kahn). Laurie with her two former high school friends (Misty Mundea and Esmerelda DellaRocco). Laurie, the high school friends, and some other woman. And finally a six girl orgy. Oh, and in all of those scenes, the woman in the mirror (Darian Cane) makes some appearances. With one exception that I’ll get to later, the women are all attractive to varying degrees. Laurie is a knockout. Esmerelda was decent and everyone else fell somewhere in between.

This could have been really good, but it doesn’t get above okay for three reasons. First, it’s slow. This thing runs for two hours, and you’re twenty-five minutes in before you even get to see any female nudity. Second, the sex scenes weren’t always filmed well. There’s some good stuff, but a lot of the time, they drag. And third, there was Mistress Rhiannon. She is this super-deformed, huge breasted (I’m talking 60 or 70 inches here) freak with huge fish lips to boot. Let me make myself clear. She is gross!!! Fortunately she is only in one scene and doesn’t have sex with anyone.

It’s a shame. With the exception of mutant girl, this had a good looking cast. If the sex scenes had been filmed better, and about thirty minutes of the boring stuff was cut, this would have been a classic. As it is now, I’d only recommend this to diehard fans of Laurie Wallace.

About The Erotic Mirror (2002)

Title: The Erotic Mirror
Year: 2002
Starring: Laurie Wallace, Major Dodge, Darian Caine, Erin Brown (II), Ruby Larocca
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Director: Pete Jacelone

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