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Grand Piano (2013) Thriller Movie Review

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Thriller movies Review

Grand Piano (2013)

Spanish director Eugenio Mira (Hibernation, Agnosia, Breed) did not execute this movie to it’s full potential. This movie could have so much more going for it if all the actors were as good as Elijah Wood and John Cusack. Grand Piano (2013) is a mystery thriller that contains bad language, violence, suspense, thrills and heart warming musical all in one location.

Grand Piano is about Tom Selznick (Elijah Wood - Set Fire to the Stars, Open Windows, Maniac: The Making of Documentary) who is a classical talented pianist. He failed on a presentation five years ago that only himself and his mentor Patrick Godureaux (Jack Taylor - Presentimientos, Son of Cain) knows how to play. He has kept out of the spotlight since and decided to retire due to fatigue and being pressured too much. It is now five years later and Tom’s mentor passed away. He has decided to pay tribute to his mentor by conquering his stage fright and playing again at the Chicago opera house. Tom discover a mysterious note on his piano when the concert begins. The note basically told him that he has to continuously play and not to miss a note on the piano or he and his wife Emma (Kerry Bishe - Blue Highway, Goodbye World, Max Rose) will be killed. He takes the note very seriously because his wife accompanied him to recital and also because he see’s the sniper rifle aiming at him.

It is amazingly unbelievable how Tom can be texting on his phone, talking and playing one of the hardest piece to play on the piano all at the same time - If you miss a note, you’re dead. This movie will make paranoid people feel different when attending an orchestra. I would recommend this movie to all piano lovers.

Some facts about John Cusack:
* He is 6’2 and was born on June 28, 1966 in Evanston, Illinois.
* His birth name is John Paul Cusack and his nickname is Johnny.
* His mother Nancy Cusack is a teacher and his father Dick Cusack (Return to Me, Chain Reaction, While You Were Sleeping) is a documentary filmmaker and also an actor.
* He has four siblings including step siblings who are all actors
Joan Cusack (October 11, 1962) - Welcome to Me, Toy Story of Terror, Partysaurus Rex
Ann Cusack (May 22, 1961) - Girlfriend in a Coma, Crooked Lane, The Informant!
Susie Cusack (1971) - The Company, High Fidelity, Not Again!
Bill Cusack (1964) - War, Inc., Lords of Dogtown, Desperate But Not Serious
* He has acted in 76 movies so far.
* He is the producer of 11 movies and the writer of 5 movies.


During his comeback performance, a pianist who suffers from stage fright finds a note "play one note wrong, and you die". |

About Grand Piano (2013)

Title: Grand Piano
Year: 2013
Starring: Dee Wallace, Elijah Wood, Don McManus, John Cusack, Don Kress, Christopher Kahler, Alex Winter, Jack Taylor, Harris Gordon, Kerry Bishé, Tamsin Egerton, Allen Leech, Joe Lewis, Mino Mackic, Jose Mellinas, Benjamin Nathan-Serio, Julius Cotter, Stephanie Garvin, Eric Goode, John Hugill, Brian Lehane, Jim Arnold, Beth Trollan, Andrew Moczarnik, Ricardo Alexander, Brendan Murphy, Rachel Arieff, Angie Arieu, Nuria Pascual-Andujar, Chris Bobrowski
Director: Eugenio Mira
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.75/5 stars from 4 users. Reviews: 4.
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
MPAA Rating: R

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