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The Devil's Rock (2011) Horror Movie Review

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The Devil's Rock (2011)

The Devil’s Rock is one of the new horror movies of 2011 and is one of the best of the year. Everyone knows Hitler was deep in the occult and searched desperately for artifacts of power. Super weapons were also on his mind and he wanted to control something of unrivaled power. Set upon a fort surrounded by water, the grimoire which is a textbook of magic was used to summon a lesser demon. This entity wreaks havoc on all of the Nazi soldiers save the summoner and loves to eat the fresh flesh of the soldiers. I loved the back story, setting and the pace of this horror flick. Surprisingly great movie considering that the cast is less than a handful but still shines.


Two Kiwi commandos are assigned to the Channel Islands to blow up a giant gun at a beach head fortress. But once inside the foreboding structure they hear unearthly screams and investigate the dark tunnel system to discover the cause. There they find the head of Hitler's occult Gestapo squadron who has been experimenting with incantations from an ancient tome to allow a succubus to cross over from Hell. It's all part of a master plan to win the war on the eve of D-Day.

About The Devil's Rock (2011)

Title: The Devil's Rock
Year: 2011
Starring: Craig Hall, Matthew Sunderland, Jessica Grace Smith, Karlos Drinkwater, Luke Hawker
Rating: 2.85/5 stars from 33 users. Reviews: 33.
Rating: R
Runtime: 83 minutes
Director: Paul Campion

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