Zombie Doomsday (2011)

2011 Horror

User Score: 54/100

This live action, improvisational style movie was filmed in just 12 hours and is sure to delight Zombie fans around the world. Zombie Doomsday is more of an actual live scenario than a low budget independent feature film. It’s a very intriguing look at what would happen if there was an actual Zombie outbreak. The concept was developed two weeks before filming and on set production was completed in under 12 hours. The actors were put in a restaurant understanding that a down on his luck movie star was coming back to his hometown to film a reality show. We then set up real events (unknown ahead of time to the actors) that would help carry the story. Some events turned out scary to them while other events were comedic. This film is part Zomedy, and part scary movie.

About Zombie Doomsday (2011)

Title: Zombie Doomsday
Year: 2011
Starring: Leanna Chamish, Brian St. August, Gary Ugarek, Molly McDermid, Daivid McMillian, Marili Mejias, Dasha Mironova, Elena Moscatt, Kendra North, Johnny Alonso, Jonathon Ruckman, Nick Bailey, Ryan Ruckman, Altorro Prince Black, Jerry Scarbough, Ron Bush, John Sheldon, Richard Cutting, S. Jamie Snider, Josh Davidson, Olivia Szego, Kelly Delikat, Kevin Tan, Kelvin Drama, Tracy Teague, Nelson Irizarry, Brittany Anne Walea, Edward Larkins, Terry McConnaughey
Director: Tom Townsend
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.65/5 stars from 28 users. Votes: 28.
Genre: Horror

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