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Deep Jaws/The Dicktator (2006) Horror Movie Review

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Deep Jaws/The Dicktator (2006)

Sex and Skin from the Double-D Drive-In! Flat broke, Uranus Studios disregards their reputation for producing “artistic films” and, instead, tries to make some fast cash by shooting a “quickie [**]o.” Siphoning off money the government is providing for a film about U.S.-Soviet space flights, the geniuses at Uranus decide to make “a sexaster movie about nympho mermaids and call it Deep Jaws!” With three nubile starlets each thinking she’s the lead, and using the same drunken crew to shoot both, the two films quickly blend together in a slapstick orgy of sex-crazed chaos centered around a pool full of… well, horny fishwomen. Glub, glub!

Plus: When a male birth-control pill accidentally sterilizes the male population, the birth rate drops to zero and the President of the U.S. orders the CIA to scour the globe for potent males. Five are found who have yet to take the pill—a Japanese doper, a Peruvian sheep herder, a Russian prisoner, a ‘Frisco drag queen, and an Afro-American anthropology student who’s busy boiling fat gals for the local cannibals—each of whom is code named The Dicktator and promptly ordered to impregnate the horniest of the world’s women. Two raunchy sex comedies from producer Manuel S. Conde that could’ve only been made in the Seventies, featuring a Who’s Who of sexploitation starlets including Rene Bond, Uschi Digart, Sandi Carey, Linda York, Cyndee Summers, Kathy Hilton, Roxanne Brewer, and Candy Samples! Yowza!

About Deep Jaws/The Dicktator (2006)

Title: Deep Jaws/The Dicktator
Year: 2006
Starring: Adrianna Bijou, Roxanne Brewer, Sandy Carey, Byron Cole, Elaine Collins
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 127 minutes
Director: Perry Dell

Deep Jaws/The Dicktator Cover Poster Art

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