Aaah! Zombies!! (2007) Movie Review

Aaah! Zombies!! (2007)

2007 Horror, Comedy

User Score: 45/100


Turning the zombie film on its head, this film is an oddball comedy from the perspective of the brain munching monsters themselves. |

Zombies. You know ‘em, you love ‘em. But what do they think of you? In this hilarious twist on the Classic Zombie Tale, we see the world through Zombie eyes when a barrel full of Toxic Goo transforms four friends in to the Walking Dead, and suddenly, it seems every one else has gone mad. In the most unique Zombie story in years, the Zombies embark on a bumbling quest to find the "Truth", completely unaware of their rotting undeadness. After all, Zombies are people too.

About Aaah! Zombies!! (2007)

Title: Aaah! Zombies!!
Year: 2007
Starring: Richard Riehle, Matthew Davis, Tracey Walter, Joel McCrary, Oren Skoog, Colby French, Edward Conna, Jack Orend, Steve Kim, Matthew Hatchette, Tony Snegoff, Loren Dennis, Larnell Stovall, Ronald Kohnen, Julianna Robinson, Kelly Hughes, Michael Grant Terry, Dwayne Standridge, Betsy Beutler, Marque Ohmes, Will Stiles, David Kiiskinen, Michael Cornacchia, Mandy McMillian, Larry Weissman, Crystal Hoffman, Dominique Purdy, Stephen Simon, Jon Monastero, McKay Stewart
Director: Matthew Kohnen
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.25/5 stars from 11 users. Votes: 11.
Genre: Horror, Comedy

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