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Dark Night of Scarecrow (1986) Horror Movie Review

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Horror movies Review

Dark Night of Scarecrow (1986)

Joe Wizan and J.D. Feigelson presents “DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW” (24 October 1981) (96 mins/Color) (Fully Restored/Dolby Digitally Remastered)—Don’t leave this film out of your collection, as being made for television and it’s not up to par for all of the thriller and suspense fans out there—- Just be prepared to disprove those rumors, as this well-acted little shocker inclusive top notch actors convey, especially Charles Durning, Tonya Crowe, as the little girl, Mary Lee does a superlative job with her acting,  Jocelyn Brando (Marlon Brando’s sister) and Larry Drake as the mentally challenged Bubba, are genuine with their performances —- You can feel the sense of dread and terror throughout within this idyllic rural setting—- Which in now transformed into a scene where fears are realized—- Not to mention the wind is always blowing leaves across a lonely road, the shadows seem especially deep, and as the title states, the night seems especially dark, just right for a “Scarecrow”.

VCI gives us a clean & clear copy with many bonus and extras in this special release.

Under the production staff of:

Frank De Felitta [ Director]

J.D. Feigelson [Story/Screenwriter]

Butler Handcock [Story]

Bobbi Frank [Producer]

Janet Greek [Associate Producer]

Joe Wizan [Executive Producer]

Glenn Paxton [Original Score]

Vincent A. Martinelli [Cinematographer]

Skip Lusk [Film Editor]


1.  Frank De Felitta [Director]

Date of Birth:  3 August 1921 - New York City, New York

Date of Death:  Still Living

2.  J.D. Feigelson

Date of Birth:  8 February 1941 - Beaumont, Texas

Date of Death:  Still Living

3.  Charles Durning

Date of Birth:  28 February 1923 - Highland Falls, New York

Date of Death:  Still Living

4.  Larry Drake

Date of Birth:  21 February 1950 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Date of Death:  Still Living

5.  Robert F. Lyons

Date of Birth:  17 October 1939 - Albany, New York

Date of Death:  Still Living

6.  Lane Smith

Date of Birth:  29 April 1936 - Memphis, Tennessee

Date of Death:  13 June 2005 - Northridge, California

7.  Tonya Crowe

Date of Birth:  24 January 1971 - Los Angeles, California

Date of Death:  Still Living

8.  Jocelyn Brando (older sister of Marlon Brando)

Date of Birth:  18 November 1919 - San Francisco, California

Date of Death:  27 November 2005, Santa Monica, California

the cast includes:

Charles Durning ...  Otis P. Hazelrigg

Robert F. Lyons ...  Skeeter Norris

Claude Earl Jones ...  Philby

Lane Smith ...  Harless Hocker

Tonya Crowe ...  Marylee Williams

Larry Drake ...  Bubba Ritter

Jocelyn Brando ...  Mrs. Ritter

Tom Taylor ...  D.A. Sam Willock

Richard McKenzie ...  Judge Henry

Ivy Jones ...  Mrs. Willams

James Tartan ...  Mr. Williams (as Jim Tartan)

Ed Call ...  Defense Attorney

John Steadman ...  Mr. Loomis

Dave Adams ...  Deputy

Ivy Bethune ...  Mrs. Hocker

Dennis Robertson ...  Ray

Jetta Scelza ...  Mrs. Whimberly

Modi Frank ...  Waitress

J.D. Feigelson ...  Ludie - CB radio

Robert J. Koster ...  The Scarecrow

Alice Nunn ...  Mrs. Bunch


1.  Trailers of upcoming “VCI Spine Tinglers”

2.  Director & Writer Commentary

3,  CBS Network World Premiere Promo ~ October 24, 1981

In closing this is one of the best made for TV movies ever to come along—- Great performances by a perfectly selected cast make this a must watch for classic thriller fans—- The plot gets a boost in an interesting way, check out the interaction between Durning and Tonya Crowe and how it plays out—- Plus Charles Durning as a nasty scumbag and Larry Drake in the touching role of a sweet retarded man living in a prejudicial community—- Highly recommend “Dark Night of the Scarecrow” for all die-hard fans of thrillers and suspense genres.

Total Time: 96 min on DVD ~ VCI Entertainment #8200 ~ (09/28/2010)

About Dark Night of Scarecrow (1986)

Title: Dark Night of Scarecrow
Year: 1986
Starring: Charles Durning, Robert F. Lyons, Claude Earl Jones, Lane Smith, Tonya Crowe
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Director: Frank De Felitta

Movie Posters:

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