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Last of the Living / Bonus: Play Dead (2010) Horror Movie Review

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Last of the Living / Bonus: Play Dead (2010)

  After a deadly virus has turned humankind into flesh-eating zombies, slackers Morgan, Ash, and Johnny spend their days lounging in their skivvies, drifting from one vacant house to another. When the three stumble upon a hot girl who may have a cure for the outbreak, the three decide it’s finally time to step up to the plate and save the world—and the girl. Zomedy fans will unite for this campy, “breakneck zombie film that injects a high dose of hilarity!” (Revenant Magazine

  Ronnie Reno (Chris Klein), a washed-up star of TV’s The Hero Team, is in desperate need of a comeback. When he runs afoul of a murder while traveling through a deserted Nevada town, life eerily imitates art when a band of small-time drug dealers (Jake Busey and Fred Durst) realize what he’s seen. To save himself, Ronnie contacts his former co-stars to help him pull off his biggest gig yet: acting as a DEA agent to outsmart the dealers. A comedy-thriller, Play Dead is a hilarious battle between petty crooks in over their heads, and three shamelessly shallow actors from Hollywood. Also starring Sasha Alexander.

About Last of the Living / Bonus: Play Dead (2010)

Title: Last of the Living / Bonus: Play Dead
Year: 2010
Starring: Chris Klein, Fred Durst, Jake Busey, Sasha Alexander
Rating: 3.3/5 stars from 6 users. Reviews: 6.
Rating: Unrated
Director: Logan McMillan;Jason Wiles

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