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Lexx: Series 4, Vol. 2 (2003) Horror Movie Review

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Lexx: Series 4, Vol. 2 (2003)

The second volume from the fourth season of Lexx is leaner, more accessible, and funnier than its wild-eyed predecessor’s relentless satire.  While volume two begins with a swift (and Swiftian) assault on the lunacy of reality television, most of its energy is reserved for a suite of connecting stories that find sexy Xev (Xenia Seeberg), dead-man-walking Kai (Michael McManus), and vainglorious Stan (Brian Downey) on a comically perilous global journey. Convinced he’s the king of Newfoundland, Stan drops by to claim his throne in “The Rock,” only to collide with thickheaded locals, a troublesome doppelganger, and fresh mischief from longtime nemesis and American ATF boss Prince (Nigel Bennett). The best episode, however, “Walpurgis Night,” finds our antiheroes in Transylvania, where Dracula and the old gang discover their classic legend undone by jaded extraterrestrial interference. This may not be Lexx at its most inventive, but it’s solid comedy. —Tom Keogh

About Lexx: Series 4, Vol. 2 (2003)

Title: Lexx: Series 4, Vol. 2
Year: 2003
Starring: Brian Downey, Michael McManus, Xenia Seeberg, Rolf Kanies, Nigel Bennett
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Director: Chris Bould, Christoph Schrewe, Colin Bucksey, Paul Donovan

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