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Dead at the Box Office (2010) Horror Movie Review

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Dead at the Box Office (2010)

DEAD AT THE BOX OFFICE is a great indie horror comedy that doesn’t make the one mistake that all other independent horror films these days make:  it never takes itself seriously. 

Combining all the vital elements of a zombie flick, this one spoofs the genre and at the same time pays tribute to it. 

After seeing DATBO for the first time, I walked away from it saying that if Romero, Lewis & Kaufman ever made a picture together, this is the kind of film they’d make. 

Mindless zombies trapping a group of innocent bickering victims who are more dangerous to each other than the zombies are—a tribute to George A. Romero. 

Campy splatter & gore, overacting, dizzy females and hilarious dialogue that would make Herschell Gordon Lewis proud. 

A low budget and a far-out story where the hero is a janitor—not only does the film have all the makings of a Lloyd Kaufman epic but the man himself has a cameo in it!

If you enjoy horror-comedy & zombie flicks, check this one out!!!

About Dead at the Box Office (2010)

Title: Dead at the Box Office
Year: 2010
Starring: Isaiah Robinson
Rating: 3.45/5 stars from 13 users. Reviews: 13.
Rating: Unrated

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