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Succubus: The Demon (2006) Horror Movie Review

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Succubus: The Demon (2006)

A sinister and shocking horror mystery movie, Succubus marks the first US release from Finnish film company Blood Ceremony. The story follows Henri, a widower so feverishly obsessed in searching for answers to his wife’s death that he turns to the occult for clues, with diabolical consequences.

Taking us on a dark and demonic journey that witnesses Hell on earth, Succubus is so twisted and insane that it will even have you questioning your own sanity!


A recently married couple won't live a long and happy life. When Henri loses his beautiful wife to a terrible disease his mind breaks. To get his wife back he wanders into the world of occultism and finds an ultimate tragedy.

About Succubus: The Demon (2006)

Title: Succubus: The Demon
Year: 2006
Starring: Tuula Toikkanen, Reine Haavisto, Jan Fredriksson, Hannu Furtenbach, Mia Rautiainen, Minna Kärpänen, Anniina Jaakkola, Outi Mäkinen, Jarkko Altsi Toiviainen, Markus Salo, Neea Laitinen, Pekka Oinonen, Soini Amiot, Veera Toivanen, Petteri Maaranen, Mika Vattulainen, Mita Lausamo, Maarit From, Sami Haavisto, Kirsi Vahomäki, Niilo, Heini Huusko
Runtime: 85 minutes
Director: Sami Haavisto
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Genre: Horror

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