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Alive (2004) Horror Movie Review

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Horror movies Review

Alive (2004)

Based on a popular comic book by Tsutomu Takahashi (SKY HIGH), ALIVE combines the tension of Vincenzo Natali’s CUBE and Kitamura’s own VERSUS.  For the brutal murder of his girlfriend’s rapists, Tenshu is sentenced to die in the electric chair. Miraculously surviving the high voltage punishment he is given the choice to burn again, or take part in a vicious experiment pitting him against another prisoner/guinea pig and a destructive alien life force.

About Alive (2004)

Title: Alive
Year: 2004
Starring: Hideo Sakaki, Ryô, Koyuki, Shun Sugata, Erika Oda
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: R (Restricted)
Director: Ryûhei Kitamura

Alive Cover Poster Art

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