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Sanctuary (Angel) - Jeff Mariotte Horror Book Review

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Sanctuary (Angel)

Even if it takes an eternity, he will make amends…


Angel and Co. are enjoying a rare moment of relaxation at the karaoke bar Caritas when a loud explosion draws the gang—and the rest of the bar’s patrons—outside. A building across the way is on fire, but the conflagration is nothing more than a diversionary tactic to distract people from a drive-by shooting! And when the smoke clears, Fred is missing.

It’s obvious she’s been kidnapped, so Angel, Lorne, Cordy, Wes, and Gunn set about questioning everyone within the immediate radius. At least ten demons were direct eyewitnesses. One problem, though: Each tells a different story of what he, she, or it saw. It could have been gang warfare—monster style—or Fred could have wandered home without saying good-bye. One thing quickly becomes clear: Demons don’t make for the most reliable sources….

About Sanctuary (Angel)

Title: Sanctuary (Angel)
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Author: Jeff Mariotte

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