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Man from Deep River (2004) Horror Movie Review

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Man from Deep River (2004)

I must admit, I am a huge fan of the cannibal sub-genre, and the cannibal flick’s from the 70’s and 80’s are some of my some of my favorite movie’s of all time. It is no doubt the cannibal genre itself pushed the envelope further than any other genre as far as gore and shocking content is concerned, and for that, they will alway’s hold the title of the most horrific movie’s ever made in my opinion, and Man From Deep River is no exception.

Man From Deep River is shot on location in the real jungle, with real native’s, real ritual’s, and is based on a true story, which add’s a lot of authenticty to the movie and give’s it the feel of a documentary. I would think of it as a depressing, disturbing version of Indiana Jones on acid. I was really expecting to hate Man From Deep River after reading review’s of people saying this is not gory, not shocking, it’s boring ect. I think a lot of people forget that this was made in the early 70’s when large amount of on-screen gore had not caught on yet. For the time this was made (72), it has a lot more gore and offensive content than any other film’s made around this time period. Most horror film’s made in the early 70’s had gore, but the penetration was not on screen, in this film the gore is not only on screen but there is a decent amount of it, including real life animal death’s. Which I do not necassarily agree with, but I don’t think anyone who eat’s meat has the right to complain about, murder is murder, regardless what the reason for it is.

Man From Deep River is a beatifully shot movie with great scenery, good acting, good plot, and has an authenticity that too many film’s lack. If you are a fan of any other cannibal film’s from Lenzi or Deodato, and want to see how the genre got it’s start, I highly recommend picking this one up.

About Man from Deep River (2004)

Title: Man from Deep River
Year: 2004
Starring: Ivan Rassimov, Me Me Lai, Pratitsak Singhara, Sullalewan Suxantat, Ong Ard
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Runtime: 93 minutes
Director: Umberto Lenzi

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