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Dark Shadows Collection 18 (2005) Horror Movie Review

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Dark Shadows Collection 18 (2005)

While driving in the Collinsport village, Barnabas Collins accidentally hits a stranger in the road. He recognizes that the man is identical to Quentin Collins from 1897. Paul Stoddard becomes frantic when he   realizes that the Leviathans want to claim the soul of his daughter   Carolyn due to an agreement he made when she was a child. He discovers   that the young boy living at the antique shop is a member of the other-worldly race. Dr. Julia Hoffman’s investigations to find a cure   for Chris Jennings’ werewolf curse lead her to the elderly artist   Charles Delware Tate. After revealing that she is really Amanda Harris   from 1897, Olivia Corey tries to help Quentin regain his memory. While   searching for Quentin’s mystical portrait, Julia meets art collector Sky   Rumson and learns he is married to Angelique, the witch. Barnabas begs Angelique for her supernatural help to overthrow the Leviathans.  Bonuses: Exclusive interviews with actors Kathryn Leigh Scott, Christopher Pennock, Geoffrey Scott and soap opera journalist/historian   Michael Logan. Starring: Jonathan Frid, Joan Bennett, David Selby,  Grayson Hall, Louis Edmonds, Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Henesy, Nancy   Barrett, Thayer David, Marie Wallace, Dennis Patrick, Lara Parker, Don   Briscoe, Donna McKechnie, Christopher Pennock, Roger Davis, Lisa   Richards, Geoffrey Scott, Ed Riley, John Harkins, David Jay, Michael   Maitland, Emory Bass, Kenneth McMillan, Camilla Ashland, Sho Onodera,  Lisa Ross, Ronald Dawson, Brian Sturdivant and Marsha Mason.

About Dark Shadows Collection 18 (2005)

Title: Dark Shadows Collection 18
Year: 2005
Starring: Jonathan Frid, Grayson Hall, Nancy Barrett, Joan Bennett, Alexandra Isles
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Runtime: 127 minutes

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