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Sister Sister (2001) Horror Movie Review

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Sister Sister (2001)

This is a spooky, southern gothic film about two sisters, both haunted by their pasts. Living together in an exquisite, antebellum mansion in the bayou of Louisiana, the Bonnard sisters struggle to meet each day as it comes, running a bed and breakfast. One sister, Lucy (Jennifer Jason Leigh), is somewhat fey and seems to need a reality check. The older of the two, Charlotte (Judith Ivey) is the more grounded sister. Or is she?

Together, they run the bed and breakfast with the help of a hunky handyman and childhood time friend, Etienne (Benjamin Mouton), who is sweet on Lucy, despite Charlotte’s watchful eye. Charlotte also has someone sweet on her, the local sheriff, Cleve Doucet (Dennis Lipscomb), whom she is on the verge of losing, because for some inexplicable reason she refuses to marry him. One day, Matt Rutledge (Eric Stolz) arrives at the Bonnard bed and breakfast, where he is to be a guest. He, too, seems smitten by the lovely, ethereal Lucy, much to Charlotte’s consternation and Etienne’s annoyance.

What follows is a series of macabre events, fueled by secrets of the past and misguided perceptions. While the plot is engaging, parts of it are a little over the top. Still, it is so well done that it keeps the viewer riveted to the screen. Terrific performances are given by all, with those of Jennifer Jason Leigh and Benjamin Mouton being especially fine. The ending is also particularly memorable. Shrouded in the mists of the Louisiana bayou, it is a vindication of Lucy’s visions and a fitting memoriam to love everlasting. This is a film well worth viewing. Those who enjoyed that other southern gothic, “The Gift”, will, undoubtedly, enjoy this one, as well.

The DVD offers crystal clear visuals and audio, though not much else by way of speacial features.

About Sister Sister (2001)

Title: Sister Sister
Year: 2001
Starring: Eric Stoltz
Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Reviews: 5.
Rating: R (Restricted)
Runtime: 89 minutes

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